ArtButMakeItSports is a social media account that compares images of Sports to Fine Art. After amassing a following on Twitter, Instagram, Threads, and Blue Sky, the time has come to bridge between the two verticals outside of just meme posts.

Why Now

I don’t think I’ll ever leave Twitter, as I’ve long believed the inmates run the asylum, no matter who the warden is. But the comment section has become unusable, search is fractured, and content has become toxic. Plus, a lot more of the inmates are now porn bots and Nazis - you’re doing great Elon! Most importantly though, I need a place where I can interact with the community I’ve built without worrying about the platform disappearing.

I’m also tired of generating value for tech billionaire douchebags. People are surprised to learn that - outside of a few small, behind-the-scenes partnerships - I don’t make any money from the account. I’ll always create for the love of the game, but it’s about time to get paid.

Mark Zuckerberg, The Blue Clown, by Walt Kuhn, 1931

Now What?

I’ll continue to post memes on socials, and don’t want to gatekeep my content, but I also want to incentivize subscribing. Here’s what you get when you join:

🧵 Newsletters — a new long-form post every week, featuring memes, a breakdown of the exciting things in the Art & Sports world, and plenty more (including the below)

💬 Community — entry into a private community, with direct access to me! I’ll be hosting chats during live games, fielding requests, finally giving insight to my process, and more!

🎙️Conversations — I’ll be featuring video conversations where I talk with figures in the Sports and Art worlds, including artists, sports photographers (breaking down their process, especially on specific images used in memes), athletes, and more

🎁 Deals — access to exclusive discounts - first on merch, but in the future, select sports & art experiences

💸 Support — every dollar you spend is further justification for me to focus on the content & account

In addition, founding members (47 spots left!) will receive exclusive personal commission opportunities.

Our Socials/Contact

In case you want to cover your bases and follow the account across socials:

Blue Sky

For collabs, partnerships, private commissions, and everything in between, shoot an email to lj@artbutmakeitsports.com

You’re Still Reading?

What are you waiting for, subscribe now!

The Assumption of the Virgin, by El Greco, 1577-79, photo by Morry Gash

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